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The Honourable Balmoral: Her Peers and Piers by Richard Danielson

Price: £12.95

Quality hardback book written by Richard Danielson. Published by Maritime Publications (1999), 192 pages

..This then is the Balmoral's biography - seen through the eyes of the author and told by him with the benefit of having known the ship intimately for 45 years. It is also her inside story, enriched with the knowledge and thought processes of Red Funnel Steamers', Campbell's and the Waverley organisation's directors, managers and some of the Balmoral's officers over very many years. The whole work is then further enhanced with the benefit of the experiences of other experts and photographers who bring to this book their own particular contributions, specialist skills and love of the subject. 

Many of the photographs, especially the earlier ones, are superb and of great historic interest - most have never been seen in the public domain before.

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