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MV Balmoral Fund

cid:image001.jpg@01D0303D.DAA59F50 MV Balmoral is owned by the “MV Balmoral Fund Ltd” a registered charity (1155339).  Its original aim was to save the historic vessel after a long layup and return her to service last year. This was achieved thanks to the herculean efforts of the many people who love and care for the ship. She is now operated (on behalf of the fund) by White Funnel Ltd, a not for profit company wholly owned by the Fund. Any profits made will all go towards continually keeping Balmoral sailing. She was bought by the Fund for the principle sum of £1 in early in 2015 - then thanks to a huge fund raising effort (including a £350,000 grant from the Coastal Communities Fund), Balmoral did indeed return to coastal cruising last summer.

However to quote a famous war time leader, we are now only at the “end of the beginning”. There is still a huge amount to do. A classic vessel such as Balmoral now entering her 67th year is in need of constant loving care and attention. It costs a huge amount of money for a beautiful ship like ours to be maintained to the stringent standards set by the MCA (Marine Coastguard Authority). This is now the principle role of the Balmoral Fund, to support the ship by way of its legion of volunteers and to continue to raise the funding needed to keep our ship sailing long into the future.

Balmoral in 2016 is setting off on an exciting and challenging season, with plans to sail in many locations around the United Kingdom. We are so proud of our wonderful example of Britain’s once great maritime heritage. She is a member of the UK Historic Ships list and is the last coastal motor vessel carrying on Britain’s proud tradition of day excursion sailing. Another major objective is to inform and educate people of all ages about the sea and our ship. Plus of course she gives the unique opportunity for thousands to see, observe and enjoy our glorious coastline from the sea.

To learn all about the amazing history and heritage of MV Balmoral, to see some of the famous people she has carried, (she has on two occasions acted as a “Royal Yacht”) and to find out how you can make a donation or perhaps wish to join our organisation as a volunteer, please go to www.mvbalmoral.org.uk